"Received my Marlin yesterday…7 days from the day you shipped.  Good guess. Mounted it last night, and couldn’t be happier with the look and quality.  Impressive packaging, by the way."

- MJ, Granite Bay, CA

"You guys are great, the service is second to none... and the flyscreens are in my opinion the best on the market... My Scrambler/Thruxton and Storm looks sweet and ride better."

- KH, Argyll, UK

”The screen was put on the bike today. The first ride test was a 45 km freeway ride.  Immediately I can say it "feels" like a 50% reduction in fatigue-related wind forces.  In fact, I was riding 20 km/h faster than usual (yeah, we in Canada tend to mix imperial and metric).   Also, I'll have to fix that speeding issue.   ;D So my first impressions have been very positive. I will continue to assess the flyscreen as the summer rolls in. The transaction experience was excellent."

KL, Toronto, CAN

"So you can add to your statistics, the flyscreen was successfully received yesterday. The packaging was first rate.  The box arrived immaculate, and was well sealed - really well done.  I like the retro looks of the internal box.  I thought I received a box of donuts from the 1950s - this feels good Stephen!

“The hardware organization and finish was top-notch. Clearly professional.

"Hi Stephen. I got it Saturday and put it on. Looks Awesome and works great!!!!"

DM, Doylestown, PA

"I received the Triumph Storm flyscreen today - WOW what a great product mate !!

”I now have to wait until mid June for the bike. This screen will make it stand out out even more, I'm so glad I stumbled across you whilst browsing the net."

DH, Stonehouse, UK

"I received the Dart Flyscreen, and am very pleased with the functionality and quality of your product.  Every aspect of the design down through the packaging demonstrates a high level of attention to detail.  Even the fastener selection was not an afterthought.  I can honestly say that this is the first product that I have purchased for a motorcycle where I did not first go out and replace the inferior supplied fasteners."

CR, Kokomo, IN

"When I first saw your screen on your website, I thought that US$160 was a bit steep.... Well, it arrived today, and I fitted it in less than 30 minutes....and I apologize!!!!!!! What a beautifully made piece of motorcycle equipment.

”It fitted perfectly, there was much more to it than I imagined, and.....it’s worth every cent."

SH, Tauranga, New Zealand

"Received and installed the Manta. Love it! Great looking product you create!"

AA, Ft Lauderdale, FL

"Once again, I must thank you.  The wind is still in my face, but it is a smooth wind and virtually eliminates buffetting.  Many thanks.  You save my relationship with my Street Triple R."

MF, Clifton, NJ

"Rode to work this morning and noticed quite a bit less wind on my chest. This may be the only fly screen that actually makes the bike look better. Thanks for your clever design and timely support."

MJ, Laguna Niguel, CA

"Thanks for the quick service, excellent packaging, and the great product. I have to say that it looks much better that I had expected it to, and it doesn't interfere with the experience of riding a naked bike."

JS, Mesa, AZ

"I received the screen in 6 or 7 business days. This is first-rate hardware. And it definitely cuts down on the turbulence at speeds above 50mph or so. And it looks great.

"Great quality and service to match. I could not be more pleased with this purchase. Keep up the good work."

FS, Charlotte, NC

"I just want to tell you the Dart Flyscreen fits my CB1100 perfectly, from the installing process to real riding experience. Thank you for designing such a good product, and the price is also very reasonably. I will recommend it to my friend definitely."

JC, Taiwan

"Got the Dart Flyscreen for my CB1100 today... brilliantly done! Love the look of the new brackets, even better than stock. Works great too. This is my second of these, having had one on my Triumph T100 and you make a first rate product."

TW, Lawrenceville, GA

”This is my second Dart. The first one I bought was for my Triumph Thunderbird 1600. My new bike is a Triumph Scrambler - quite a bit lighter. I have been riding it without a screen of any sort and was getting blown around on the highway quite a bit at high speeds. Kind of disconcerting. Also, the odd time I’d pass a truck blowing a lot of dust off of it, my face would be sandblasted by flying bits until I passed.

”I installed the Dart on the Scrambler and IMMEDIATELY all the instability stopped. It’s like the Dart breaks all the wind off of the largest part of your chest and you knife through the air without losing the feeling of being on a naked bike. Today another large logging truck was blasting down the highway, blowing clouds of dust and grime into the air. I just laid down on the tank for a moment with my face behind the Dart … and zoomed by without any problem. It is shocking how such a small, elegant piece of kit can make such a huge difference in my ride. I’m a fan for life :)"

RK, Ladysmith, BC, Canada

"My screen for my 2014 Scrambler arrived Downunder today in perfect condition. What a brilliant product! I just finished fitting it on the bike with absolutely no drama at all, thanks mate."

AD, Gladstone, QLD, Australia

"I just got my Flyscreen today. It shipped from the UK to Austin, Texas and it didn't even take a week! I am very impressed with your customer service. I just put the screen on and it really makes the bike pop! Per the reviews I was expecting a decent product but this is first rate. Thanks for making my Moto Guzzi V7 look even better. I am going to be pointing it out to my other biker friends and tell them about the excellent service, super easy install and superior product that this is. Well done!"

JN, Austin, TX

"Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I am with your product. I installed it on my Guzzi V7 over the weekend. It installed flawlessly. I own an injection molding company and we construct molds also so I know my tooling Your tooling is first class and it shows in the parts. In addition your hardware and packaging is equally impressive. Everything is perfect and reflects quality to the smallest detail. You sure did it right - Keep up the good work!"

TD, West Palm Beach, FL

"My Dart Fly screen arrived today, I am very pleased with the quality of your product, There is no false advertising on your part, So nice to see an honest as advertised product."

BK, New Braunfels, TX

"I received my Dart flyscreen for my v7 Classic. I'm impressed with the quality of everthing from the packaging to the mounting hardware. Mounted on the bike it looks as if it has always been there. I think it will be quite effective but since live on a small island it will be a while before I can really test it. Good product and good value."

AB, Pender Island, BC, Canada

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my Dart screen for my V7 Stone and installed it today. It took all of ten minutes, which surprised me to no end. I immediately took the bike out for a fast ride to see if I could tell the difference. And, again, I was surprised since not only was the wind gone on my chest, but it no longer went under my full-face helmet either. Those two factors make this one of the smartest purchases I've made for the V7, and makes you a genius for developing the flyscreen. Well done and thank you!!!"

KB, North Port, FL

"I installed the screen last evening right after delivery. Really, you do a wonderful job of packaging, instructions and precision fit. The install was a snap. This morning I took the bike for a nice 80 mile, fast romp averaging 70-75 mph with bursts to 90. Compared to the stock V7R screen, your Dart version gives superior high speed wind buffeting protection. I really like the look, it complements the bike's lines. Quality is superb. Five stars and complements!"

GB, Sugar Land, TX

"Your product is second to none and it starts with the customer service, packing and quality of the product. I was not expecting much, but was hoping so after all the great testimonials from all brands of bikes, all over the world. Everything said is true about your product and nothing else like it in the U.S.A. It was so easy to install and makes my 2012 Harley Davidson Sportster Nightster look awesome too. It is like it was made for the bike and should have come this way from the factory. As soon as I hit the main road I could already tell this was more than looks and when I hit the freeway I could feel the stability of the bike was greatly improved as was the buffeting as they call it with reduced wind on my chest. Where I live there is a lot of crosswind and I really needed something to stabilize my small and light bike (for a Harley). Is it the total solution? No, but I was not looking for or expecting that, but I do have the best of all worlds with your screen and all around balance for what I was looking for on this model of bike. Thank you very much for such a great product!!"

CT, Pleasant Hill, CA

"I received my Dart Flyscreen in short order and fitted it to my 2011 Harley-Davidson Nightster the very next morning. The quality, fit and finish are all first-rate! It deflects the wind from my chest and does not cause buffeting around my helmet. Thank you for producing an excellent product."

BR, Palm Springs, CA

"I received the flyscreen for my sportster this past Monday. Installed it Monday night but didn't get a chance to try it out out until today. The half hour ride to work was wonderful. I really didn't expect the pressure on my chest to be reduced so much. I'm going to take the bypass on my ride home to see how it works at (above) highway speeds. Nice design, nice box, looks great on the bike. "

JSK, Reading, PA

"Ordered Tuesday 5th August, rec'd Wednesday 6th August at 10-15am, fitted by 10-45am and riding my bike by 11-00am. Steve your service, like the screen itself is superb. Wind blast greatly reduced, and the bike is a much better ride for it. Thanks very much for a great deal the screen quality is second to none."

CC, Newcastle under Lyme, UK

"I just wanted to let you know that the Dart screen that I ordered for my Triumph Bonneville arrived safely. It was no more than a 15 minute job to unpack and fit, and it looks brilliant. I’m really impressed by the quality and how easy it was to fit. In my opinion it looks way better than the equivalent Triumph part, and much more economical too."

BC, Christchurch, New Zealand

"Received my flyscreen for my 2013 Bonneville yesterday and I have to tell you how pleased I am with the purchase. First, it was incredibly easy to install. Second, it looks really nice on the bike. Lastly, I am amazed at the difference it makes! Rode a bit with it yesterday and loved it, but really put it to the test today, riding about 100 miles. All I can say is WOW! What a terrific product. It makes such a difference in my comfort riding that I can't imagine riding without it now. Posted some pictures to my Facebook page and have been telling everyone what a great product you have. Thank you and well done!!"

DV, Bonaire, GB

"The Dart flyscreen arrived tonight and I quickly installed it on the Bonneville (thanks to the crisp and easy to follow instructions). First of all, amazing packaging and the details that were put into the design of the box, initials for QA did not go unnoticed and much appreciated. I also want to let you know that in my initial test ride, the bonnie felt much more comfortable regardless of speed. When I was on the highway, rather than wrestling with the handlebars and fighting to stay on the saddle, I simply enjoyed the much smoother current. For your info, I am 5'7" and I have a set of Norman Hyde M bars turned to the less aggressive position.

”Thanks Steve, I couldn't be happier with the Dart on the Bonnie."

WL, Toronto, Canada

"I collected and fitted the screen tonight on my Bonneville and just wanted to thank you for such a great design and top quality, well manufactured product."

LP, Pretoria, RSA

"The flyscreen is a fantasic addition to my Bonneville - don't really knoiw how something so neat ( small ) works so well - but it does !! "

GV, Tasmania, AUS

"Flyscreen arrived today - thanks. This the second unit I've purchased as I have just purchased a second Triumph motorcycle. Several friends have also purchased Dart Flyscreens on my recommendation and all have been impressed. You have an excellent product which sells itself."

LK, Mackay, QLD, AUS

"Just to let you know that the screen for my Thruxton arrived today. What great service, well packaged and the instructions are clear [ IKEA could learn a lot ] and it looks like the bike came with it. I’m well pleased."

RC, Willetton, WA, Australia

"The flyscreen arrived in good condition and was very easy to install. Thanks for making such a nice product for the Thruxton."

DW, Wynnewood, PA

"I just wanted to let you know that my flyscreen arrived yesterday and installation went as smoothly as possible. The quality and appearance of the Dart exceeded even my lofty expectations. Many thanks!"

WE, Lynnwood WA

"Steve, Thank you for the flyscreen. I bolted it up easily and went for a ride in it yesterday and my first impressions are that it is absolutely outstanding."

RF, Sherwood Park, AB

"Just fitted to my 1000 sport and was delighted with the result. Very easy fit and fitted snuggly as if designed just for my bike. The black steel supports were very subtle and almost disappeared when in place. I had been watching these on ebay for the last few months but was worried it would take away from the naked cafe look - how wrong I was, looks fantastic. Cant wait to try it out as soon as I get a dry day. Thanks again!"

MP, Sydney, Australia

"I wanted to send you a thank you note. The screen turned up today. I'm very impressed with the speed of shipping. I hadn't appreciated it was coming from the UK when I placed the order! I had a Dart flyscreen on a previous bike (Triumph Thunderbird) and was so pleased with the quality of workmanship and ease of installation, especially considering some of the other OEM & aftermarket screens I've purchased over the years. A quick inspection of the GT1000 screen demonstrates it was the right choice again."

  • GB, Burbank, CA
  • "Many thanks Steve – you offer a fantastic service and I’ll recommend your product as it has totally changed my riding experienced for the better."

    JG, Berkshire, UK
  • "I have just fitted one of your company's flyscreen and just wanted to say how impressed I am with both the quality and design of the screen. Also the clear instructions make such a refreshing change from what is so often provided."

    CC, Rotherfield, UK
  • "Thanks Steve, living in Australia I didn't expect my Dart screen to arrive so quickly. As Im the sort of guy who stands in awe of a socket set, the instructions for fitting were clear and idiot proof. But most tellingly is how it works and the beauty of the screen which, in my opinion, enhances the look of the w800. Does it work? Oh yes - it makes a huge difference to comfort and general riding. Great product and personal service."

    LR, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
  • "I received my flyscreen for Kawasaki W800 after 1 week from order to Australia - this is great delivery, very impressed. I am even more impressed with the high level engineering and top quality manufacture of the screen. It fits absolutely perfect and looks a treat - well done. It is probably the first aftermarket motorcycle accessory I have ever purchased that fitted up perfectly- no modification or adjustments necessary. Once again thanks and well done on a superb product and excellent service."

    RA, Low Head, TAS, Australia
  • "Thanks for the prompt despatch of the flyscreen. It arrived on Friday. I am really impressed with the fantastic quality of the screen & fittings, easily to OEM standards. Took me a few minutes to fit & looks great."

    RS, Gloucester, UK
  • "I just want to say thanks for an excellent service,ordered Saturday arrived Tuesday.Product looks great quality & the other testimonials give every confidence of a good fit.Everything a customer wants from a purchase , thank you, a pleasure doing business."

    AC, Rugeley, UK
  • "My screen arrived Friday and I fitted it today. Twenty minutes to fit and I am really pleased how it looks on the bike. I’m impressed with the quality of the screen and fittings also the service you provide. Thanks again for a first class product and service. I will not hesitate to recommend Dart Screens."

    WT, Preston, UK
  • "Had it fitted in about 15 min and I gotta say the fit and finish is superb, not to mention how neat the bike now looks. Took it for a run and the difference it has made to  upper body wind buffeting is amazing. ..Great product and service!"

    MJ, Melbourne AUS
  • "Thank you so much for the Dart Manta Screen for my Thunderbird Storm! I have just received the screen and it's fantastic! Best quality! I'm very happy that I have bought from you."

    MG, Cuneo, Italy
  • "Many thanks for the lightning fast delivery of my Dart screen for my Thunderbird Storm 1700. I am really pleased with the high quality finish of the screen, fastners and mounting brackets. Do keep me informed of any other Thunderbird Storm related products which you may have in the future."

    GH, Chertsey
  • "Dart Manta - Does exactly what it's advertised to do. All pressure on my chest is gone and the lower edge of the wind coming off of the screen hits me at about my chin. It looks great, performs great and I'm very happy with it. "

    JB, Jacksonville, FL
  • "Thank you for the prompt delivery of the dart screen.  I was very impressed with the quality of the screen. I fitted the screen today and it was very easy to fit."

    SS, Oakdowns, AUS
  • "Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service and product. I ordered one of your Dart Flycreens for my Triumph Speedmaster (2012 +) on Thursday evening and it was delivered Saturday morning. The quality of the product is first rate and fitting it onto my bike literally took only 15 minutes. It blends in lovely with the bike and for something so small, it does a great job of deflecting the wind. Will definitely recommend your products."

    AF, Stockbridge UK
  • "Steve – Got the flyscreen yesterday.  Excellent product, service, and packaging.  Easy to install.  You guys do it all right."

    TJ, Davenport, IA
  • "I received and installed the Flyscreen. While I am looking forward to comparing the two products, in the most eloquent words possible, I have to say “This thing FREAKIN’ ROCKS!” Sir, I am very, VERY impressed. I truly did not believe this would work as well as it does. Besides that, it really finishes off the look of the bike (the biggest shocker of all). It is ONLY because I’ve already hired out the work to have the Triumph headlight cowl painted to match my bike (Phantom Red Haze) that I would consider removing the Dart. Even so, as soon as I do my comparison, I would be happy to write a review for you. I have a sneaking hunch I will be selling a Triumph cowl soon."

    AB, Salt Lake City, UT
  • "What a great product! I’ve never had any kind of windscreen on any of my bikes, and only decided to try the Dart because it was small enough (and nicely enough designed!) not to offend my sense of the aesthetic. I was honestly pretty skeptical that it would do much though, and on my first few shorter rides, I noticed an improvement, but nothing really noteworthy. Today though, I finally got to go on a longer ride, including some high speed stuff, and even though the change from the little Dart screen is subtle, it really added up over the course of the afternoon. Much less fatigue and the whole riding experience was just better (and improving the ride is no small task when you’re already riding a Thunderbird!). Thanks again for your great customer service and an awesome product!"

    RK, Greenfield, MA
  • "I want to commend you on your service and the quality of your product, it is all that I expected. The installation instructions were very clear and I think think the hardest part was getting the backing paper off the sticker provided (now embellishing my tool chest). My bike is custom and your screen now adds more to its uniqueness."

    GW, Bunbury, AUS
  • "Just got and installed the screen this afternoon. Great product! It looks really great on my bike ('07 America) and does reduce the wind on my torso."

    FC, Quebec, CAN