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Our Flyscreens

The Classic

Evoking the spirit of 1950s British road racers, the Classic combines minimalist style and remarkable performance.

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The Marlin

With 50% more surface area than the Classic, the Marlin provides more protection and a dose of 70s style.

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The Manta

Sharp and sleek, the aerodynamic Manta complements the aggressive styling of modern naked bikes.

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The Piranha

The Piranha blends function with a cutting-edge, urban look in a small, more discreet package.

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Our flyscreens are enhanced by our proprietary Dartec II hard coating. This is a thin layer of silicate material bonded to the polycarbonate screen, giving it a glass-like hardness and abrasion resistance. It also makes the screen easier to clean - dirt just washes off!


It's easy to fit our Dart Flyscreen onto your bike. All you'll need is a couple of spanners or Allen keys and twenty minutes. The screen uses the standard headlamp brackets and if it's carefully fitted, you won't even need to readjust the headlamp.

What our customers say

"No complaints, well engineered screen, easy to fit and looks good on the bike. Arrived quickly and would recommend to friends. Thank you."


"Top quality kit. Well worth the money. From the fasteners to the brackets, clamps and screen itself. All top shelf. This is the type of quality product that makes your bike stand out. Thank you Dart. I rarely receive a product that exceeds my expectations. This kit bolts directly on FXR 39 mm forks. Here it is installed on my 1990 FXR Low Rider."


"Fast delivery, fine packaging, easy to install on the bike. It fits very well, looks great and don’t influences the style of the bike. It gives a good wind protection on my chest. Recommended!"


"I am very happy. Fitting was simple and my ride today was awesome. The wind normally hitting me at my throat now passes straight overhead and the light screen looks fabulous. I can still clearly see the Indian logo through it and it sits neatly, so it enhances the look rather than overtaking it considering my airbrushed paintwork. Thank you!"